Thursday, December 6, 2012


                     The Chinese Shanghai fowl came to England and America in 1845.  The name of this Asiatic breed was later changed to Cochin.  The earliest were more or less buff in color.  Its striking appearance, due to great size and profuse soft feathering, distinguished it from all other breeds at the early period. Cochins created a sensation in England, resulting in a great boom for the "Cochin   China," as it was called in the days of "Cochin craze."
 In England Cochins  are called Pekins ,  Cochins come in bantam and standard both make excellent pets  there also good for meat and eggs and come in many colors including Buff, Blue, White , Black,   Splash, Lemon Blue, and many more . there are also frizzled Cochins. Cochins are also the second most popular bantam breed after the Old English game. Info above is from the   American Standard of Perfection.

                                      This is my Grandmas flock of Cochin bantams which include Black, Barred, and Red Cochins.                                    
                This is a photo of her frizzled white Cochins.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Three Amigos~ Bantam Black Cochins

 The 3 amigos, bantam Cochin roosters who live together in our vegetable garden. When released from their pen in the morning...
 ...they spend the day scratching around the garden for bugs , worms, anything tasty.
 They sometimes jump the garden fence to follow
 the ducks. The ducks know even better places to find food. Under the bird feeders, in the sheep pens.

It is fun to watch the chickens watching the ducks who watch me to see if I am handing out food. In the evening the roosters watch the ducks pen themselves up and receive their nightly grain or bread, then the roosters run to their pen to receive the same. Routine rewarded by treats keeps them safe for the next days' happy wandering around Cedar Pond.( And for my viewing pleasure)

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Delaware Chickens As Illustrated by Bugs

Delaware rooster, illustrated by Bugs. I have 2 Delaware hens that are laying now. They are vigorous, beautiful, and the history of the breed is worthy of mention. The Delaware chicken is a good breed for the farm or homestead.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sultan Chickens

Breed Profile:  Breed: Sultan.  A very old, ornamental race  of poultry, listed in the first American Standard of Excellence in 1874. Sultans came to England in 1854 from Istanbul. They originated in Southeastern Europe, but were bred in Turkey under the name of "Sultan's Fowl" the breed evidently enjoying the favor of Turkish rulers, possibly due to there attractive appearance. They have  for there most distinguishing characteristics the novel features of a full crest, muff, and beard, combined with vulture hocks or feathered hocks and profuse toe and shank feathering, along with five toes on each foot.  Economic Qualities. Bred primarily for exhibition, the Sultan is not classed among production fowls, although the hens are good layers of medium- sized eggs. Sultans come in Standard and bantam sizes and come in White Black and Blue. Above is a drawing I did of a White Sultan rooster.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Western Washington Junior Poultry Show 2012

At the end of September  I went to the Puyallup Fair, all of my birds did pretty good. Two got best of  variety and one got reserve of variety . I also did pretty well at fit and show I answered all of the questions right but I got a red because my bird's feet weren't the  cleanest and the judge also said my bird's feathers were all over the place , which really didn't matter to me because she was in moult. Also , it's been a real challenge to keep my breed's foot feathers from getting broken ,shredded, and dirty, but over all I'm happy with how my birds did.  Above is me and my friends before we went to fit and show.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Eggs, Glorious Eggs!

I gathered these eggs from my new laying flock yesterday afternoon.The chocolate brown eggs are from my Cuckoo Marans, the blue-green eggs from my Americaunas. Collecting eggs from my chickens never ceases to excite me. Like an Easter egg hunt every day !

Monday, September 10, 2012

New chicken pen!

 This year for my birthday we built a new chicken pen at our new house. This is the front of one side of the pen.
 This is the back view of the pen, in total length its 24 feet long, we got the lumber from my Papa, my Mom and Dad got the metal and front wire, and I bought the inside wire , paint and locks.
 My Porcelain rooster is enjoying the new space.
 My porcelain hen Silver Mist  also enjoys the new new pen.
 All my hens but one are laying in my Mille Fleur pen.
 My laying hens are also laying well in there new pen.
 My flock of Mille Fleur's enjoying there new pen.
 The other three hens in the corner.
 Now that my other chickens are in another pen my trio got to move into the small coop I was using for chicks.
The new pen after it was finished and before it was painted, it is split into three pens for breeding and so the roosters don't fight.

at the fair

 The last week of August we went to the Lacamas fair to show chickens.  This is Silver Mist and Snowflake my two Porcelains before the show.  I also brought a Mille Fleur a Black Mottled  and a white.
 This is me after with my reserve champion ribbon and my sister with her grand champion ribbon .
This is a photo of my ribbons, six blues a best of breed for my Mille Fleur and my reserve champion ribbon.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cheap & Easy Poultry Pens & Nest Boxes

 This is Chicken Alley,my row of chicken housing in the back-yard.We live on 2 1/2 acres, and the poultry pens are at the very back property line. There are no neighbors near these pens, and they are not easily visible from the house, but very practical and cheap.
 For many reasons we have found dog kennels ideal for our poultry. Most of these kennels were acquired free or cheaply from people wanting to get rid of them. The kennels protect our poultry from predators such as dogs, coyotes, cats, raccoons, hawks & eagles, owls, and others. The kennels need to have small hard wire or netting wrapped & secured all around and over the top before the roof is put on. I have lost too many chickens, turkeys, and ducks to raccoons reaching through the kennel to pluck the flesh off the birds at night as they roosted. Basically, my chickens were eaten alive while I slept unaware of the horror going on in my poultry pens. The coons are quick to take advantage of any opportunity to eat chicken, so I make sure my poultry is not within reach of the cunning raccoons by putting everything poultry would perch on out of their reach.

Nest boxes for my chickens are kitty litter boxes. I get a lot of them from garage sales and also when they are on sale. They are not as pretty as the ideal nest boxes, but these are practical, easy to maintain & clean, and the hens love the feel of seclusion the covered litter boxes offer. Here are 2 of my Silkie hens incubating a clutch of bantam frizzled Cochin eggs, due to hatch soon.
Another practical feature of using dog kennels vs. buildings is that kennels can be dis-assembled and moved. A good idea for anyone renting, or not sure where they might want a poultry house. The kennels are easy to clean out too. The roof is galvanized tin nailed to a frame made of 2 X 4's , also making the roof easy to move .
One of my 3 resident Labrador retrievers. She, her sister, and her mother are another reason we keep our poultry confined. I have lost many chickens to my own dogs. Seems I am lacking some sense in that I raise chickens, ducks, and BIRD dogs!But you can make it all work with some thought about how you will house your chickens. 

My husband & I do have a chicken house we use as the nursery for mama poultry and broody hens. We might build another one someday, but I find after more than a decade of raising chickens the kennels have worked the best for us over all.I have lights inside these pens and the chickens do not seem to mind the cold temps if they have a dry place to live. I get eggs all year round from my chickens too. The best part of having these pens in the back-yard, besides the fresh eggs, is the pleasure the chickens give me. Every day I take some time to pull up a lawn chair, and sip a cup of coffee or tea as I watch the chickens.This is a pleasure I think everyone should at least try once. Clucking hens, playing chicks, proud roosters, they all make my heart happy.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


My tribbles.
See? This is what they look like from above. Little fluffy balls. They chirrup and seem to purr as they scratch the pen floor litter, and as they perch with their mama hen in the evening. What's not to like about tribbles? ( O.K. They are Bantam White Cochins, frizzled) To see more about them click here.*

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eggs ! My New Flock Is Laying~

The first eggs from my new laying flock!
The chicks I received in the mail from Murray McMurray in April are now grown up, and within the next few weeks I should be getting eggs from all 19 hens.
 I have Silver Laced Wyandottes, Americaunas, Delawares,Cuckoo Marans,and White Orpingtons. I ordered all pullets, but one turned out to be a rooster. Thankfully he is a Cuckoo Maran rooster, and pretty mellow.
One of my 5 Americaunas.
 A Maran rooster & hen.
 Delaware hen.
 White Orpington. 
 A white Americauna. I suspect she laid the 3 minty green eggs.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Porcelain family

 While my cousin was here I decided that we should try and get some photos of how fast my porcelain chick is growing and and since there were a few extra hands we thought we should get his parents in the photo as well, this is Platinum the dad Silver Mist the mom and my Porcelain chick who we named Image because he looks so much like his dad did at that age and has the same personality as his mom.
 This is Image who is now about two months old , and at first I thought he wouldn't make it , but so far he is doing great and is turning out almost exactly like his dad , if you want to compare scroll down where there is a photo of his dad at about the same age.
 This is his dad Platinum , who will fiercely guard the hens from dogs  who try to attack and most of the time they get scared off and go away,  he's also one off the most beautiful roosters I have .

this is his mom Silver Mist who he gets his personality from, Silver Mist has had a great personality since she was a chick, which she seemed to pass on to Image , whenever I go out to the pen she is always there at the door waiting for me to pet her and and when I walk around the pen feeding and watering them she follows me around, and since she has no fear of me and loves being held she is going to be my fit and show hen for this year.
And finally this is Platinum at about 3 months old who if you scroll up looks almost identical to Image who is basically an image of his dad.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New chicks!

 Today I went out to my pen to check on my broody hens and found 6 little peeping chicks poking there heads out from under there moms, above is a Black Mottled d'uccle who we call Junior Mint after the " junior mints " candy.
 This is a Mille Fleur and Black Mottled with there moms.  If anybodies wondering what variety's  and  how many there are 4 Mille Fleur's and two Black Mottleds so far.
 This is another  Black Mottled chick.  Also if anybodies wondering about the eggs in the incubator from my last post none hatched and Im  not really sure why so after I tossed those eggs out I set these eggs under my bantam hens.
 This is one of my favorite photos which I took when I first went out to the pen.
 These are the chicks from the last post a few days after they hatched , right now they are much bigger and have all there feathers in, unfortunately I haven't been able to get any pictures yet.  This is the Mille Fleur who right now looks like a rooster.
And this is the Porcelain who also looks like a rooster.