Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Porcelain family

 While my cousin was here I decided that we should try and get some photos of how fast my porcelain chick is growing and and since there were a few extra hands we thought we should get his parents in the photo as well, this is Platinum the dad Silver Mist the mom and my Porcelain chick who we named Image because he looks so much like his dad did at that age and has the same personality as his mom.
 This is Image who is now about two months old , and at first I thought he wouldn't make it , but so far he is doing great and is turning out almost exactly like his dad , if you want to compare scroll down where there is a photo of his dad at about the same age.
 This is his dad Platinum , who will fiercely guard the hens from dogs  who try to attack and most of the time they get scared off and go away,  he's also one off the most beautiful roosters I have .

this is his mom Silver Mist who he gets his personality from, Silver Mist has had a great personality since she was a chick, which she seemed to pass on to Image , whenever I go out to the pen she is always there at the door waiting for me to pet her and and when I walk around the pen feeding and watering them she follows me around, and since she has no fear of me and loves being held she is going to be my fit and show hen for this year.
And finally this is Platinum at about 3 months old who if you scroll up looks almost identical to Image who is basically an image of his dad.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

New chicks!

 Today I went out to my pen to check on my broody hens and found 6 little peeping chicks poking there heads out from under there moms, above is a Black Mottled d'uccle who we call Junior Mint after the " junior mints " candy.
 This is a Mille Fleur and Black Mottled with there moms.  If anybodies wondering what variety's  and  how many there are 4 Mille Fleur's and two Black Mottleds so far.
 This is another  Black Mottled chick.  Also if anybodies wondering about the eggs in the incubator from my last post none hatched and Im  not really sure why so after I tossed those eggs out I set these eggs under my bantam hens.
 This is one of my favorite photos which I took when I first went out to the pen.
 These are the chicks from the last post a few days after they hatched , right now they are much bigger and have all there feathers in, unfortunately I haven't been able to get any pictures yet.  This is the Mille Fleur who right now looks like a rooster.
And this is the Porcelain who also looks like a rooster.