Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Belgian d'uccle Bantam

 The Belgian d'uccle is a true bantam breed , meaning there is no larger form.They were first bred by Michael Van Gelder sometime between 1890 and 1900 using Belgian d'annvers and Booted bantams in the small village of Uccle near Brussels Belgium. The 'd' in front of the Uccle means from Uccle. In Belgium the d is dropped and they are simply called Uccles.  The d'uccles also have other names such as Barbu d'uccle and Due -Clay . Above is my Mille Fleur rooster Crimson, the Mille Fleur was the first color admitted to the book of Standards in 1914 and is probably the most popular color and is sometime mistaken as the breed name.
 This is my Mille Fleur hen , the breed also lays very well for a bantam. I usually get 3-4 eggs daily from 4 hens, which are a creamy white  color.
This is a Mille Fleur chick.  They are usually gray & orange or black & orange.
 This is the Porcelain variety which was the second color admitted to the Standard in 1965. 51 years after the Mille Fleur , their color is basically a light version of the Mille Fleur with a cream base color, silver blue barring and white dots. This is Platinum, my Porcelain rooster.
 This is my Porcelain hen Snowflake .The Porcelains are my over all favorite because of their friendly personality but the Mille Fleurs are a close second.  There are also 8 other varieties, Mottled, Self Blue, Black, White, Porcelain, Mille Fleur, Golden neck, Blue, Gray, Buff,4 of which were admitted to the standard I 1996.
This is a Porcelain chick you can see older photos of them in my other posts Porcelain chicks growing quickly and chick update, they are cream and silvery blue.

(Below )top White d'uccles, center golden neck and Self Blue d'uccles, bottom Black Mottled d'uccle.      Post by Bugs.


  1. Oh~ they are so pretty... I would love to have a pair of each!

  2. What is your porcelain hen's name? She is so lovely.