Sunday, February 10, 2013

cheap and easy waters and feeders

 Ive found that using rabbit feed hoppers with lids work  well for my chickens, they stay clean and I can feed them from the outside, they also filter out the dust in food through the wire.
Rabbit water bottles keep water clean and I can do it from outside, also it gives the chickens more room inside the coop.
 This is what my old waters looked like because my roosters would spend most of there time keeping an eye on things from on the water, and they would have to be cleaned daily. The price feeder from above is about $9 and I used my old water bottles from when I had rabbits, so I don't know how much they cost.


  1. Your chicken pens are lookin' good Bugs! I am glad your Mom's old rabbit water bottles will be used by you for your chickens.

  2. I have feeders that I salvaged that are a lot like your rabbit feeders. I looked all over to find if I could eventually could replace them. It turns out they are piglet feeders. They work great. The only disadvantage is that they do not have the screen bottom, so the feed dust does collect.