Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Easy & Affordable Chicken Pen

Look at this chicken pen. How easy and economical is this? VERY!
This is a chicken pen I saw in our area, and after being granted permission to take photographs from the owner, I decided to share them on this blog. The pen is simply a livestock panel ( available at most feed and farm stores) bent over and secured in an upside down "U", then secured to the ground. A door was fashioned for one end, and back for the other, and a simple tarp covering suffices as protection from rain and too much sun.I pass this pen often and in the colder months the red glow of the heat lamp can be seen from inside the wood box. Now when I pass by I see the chicks have grown and do not need the heat lamp.( you can click onto any picture for enlargement)

The beauty of this pen is it is easily moved around the lot, and when the chickens no longer need this pen for whatever reason ( butchering, etc,) the pen can be dis-assembled and stored away until later need.Affordable, easy, practical. Perfect for the homestead raising chickens on a budget!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Odd Couple Operate the Chicken Tractor

  1. This is Oscar, he and his partner Felix occupy our chicken tractor in the vegetable garden. Thus far, they have proven to be the best residents we have had over many years.
The humble garden residence was built almost 10 years ago to fit into my husband's raised garden beds, and be easily moved up and down the rows, and still be comfortable enough for 1 or 2 chickens.It is still in operation with simple modifications.( Not beautiful, just practical)
The chicken tractor started out further toward the back of the garden. You can see our duck pen ( back right ) still in need of repair from the damage the ice storm caused by many large tree limbs falling on the roof.
A close-up of Felix Mlle Fleur. He was shading himself from the weak rays of the sun.
Felix and Oscar's home has to be re-enforced with boards and metal roofing because we found the raccoons are very adept at reaching through the wire and literally pulling off and eating the the flesh of any living birds within their grasp. We have found the skeletal remains of birds in their pens plucked of all flesh over-night and the only remedy is to give them a place to sleep that is not within the reach of predators.The roof of the chicken tractor is held down by old farm containers planted with sedums. Chicken tractors are very practical and also help you easily weed garden beds. This odd couple can have a vegetable patch weed-free within days and then we move the chicken tractor over a few feet for Oscar & Felix to begin again the process of eating and scratching up weeds and grass.