Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Easy & Affordable Chicken Pen

Look at this chicken pen. How easy and economical is this? VERY!
This is a chicken pen I saw in our area, and after being granted permission to take photographs from the owner, I decided to share them on this blog. The pen is simply a livestock panel ( available at most feed and farm stores) bent over and secured in an upside down "U", then secured to the ground. A door was fashioned for one end, and back for the other, and a simple tarp covering suffices as protection from rain and too much sun.I pass this pen often and in the colder months the red glow of the heat lamp can be seen from inside the wood box. Now when I pass by I see the chicks have grown and do not need the heat lamp.( you can click onto any picture for enlargement)

The beauty of this pen is it is easily moved around the lot, and when the chickens no longer need this pen for whatever reason ( butchering, etc,) the pen can be dis-assembled and stored away until later need.Affordable, easy, practical. Perfect for the homestead raising chickens on a budget!


  1. That chicken pen is easy, simple and it would be so inexpensive to build. I like it very much. I didn't get chicks this year, but next I add some to my little flock, I think I would like to raise chicks. Hope things are going well with your chickens! I really like Mr. White!

  2. Vickie, it is very easy!The best part is it is also easy to dis-assemble and store away for another time.

    Things are going well with our chicks and hopefully we will have fresh eggs from our new flock by summer's end.