Friday, December 13, 2013

D'uccle Color Genetics

 In this post I will  be writing about  some of the d'uccles color genetics and how to improve some of the problems that occur in these colors.
 Above is Copper one of the chicks hatched this year , if you look you can see that there are two or three shades of orange throughout his body, this is one problems of the Mille Fleur color , you can breed this out by crossing a Porcelain with a Mille, the chicks will come out as mille  Fleur's with lavender genes, if you breed the chicks back to other Mile Fleur's for a few generations you should be able to get the Porcelain genetics out.


 Above is a photo of the wing of my Porcelain rooster this is a feather quality problem that happens with Porcelains mainly the Roosters, you can breed this out by breeding them to mille Fleur's , the chicks will come out Mille Fleur's with Porcelain Genes , then you breed the chicks back to other Porcelains those chicks should then come out Porcelains, a few generations of breeding them to Porcelains that haven't been crossed to any other colors should eliminate the Mille Fleur Genes.                                                                                                                                                       Below is one of the chicks from my Black Mottled Project, He is a Porcelain Black Mottled Cross the red Color in his feathers comes from the mille Fleur in the background of the Porcelain , the porcelain is a Mille Fleur with the Lavender gene  which turns buff or red to cream and black to Light blue , breeding one of the chicks below should Produce Blue or Self Blue Mottleds which I guess I will find out when I breed the hen I hatched this year.