Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How to show d'uccles

 In this post I'm going to write about what to look for in your d'uccles  if you're planning on showing them, and what good pattern and shape look like. Above is Colonel Blue, my Porcelain cockerel,   you Can see he doesn't have much color, but it is normal for young d'uccles to not get full color until 1 year old , you actually want this because to much pattern early on can lead to having too white of an appearance later on . Note the feathered legs and feathered middle toes,this is very important . Vulture hocks , v shape in back , not squirrel- tail .Straight mid- sized comb with 5 evenly separated points, and thick beard,This rooster's downfalls are Poor feather quality .

 This is my Porcelain hen, Snowflake. She has a nice comb, beard, and muffs,  a  'v' shape good pattern and foot feathers. If you're  going to show Porcelains  these are decent examples of what they should look like. The hardest thing to breed for is feather quality which can be improved by breeding  Mille Fleur's to the porcelains, which I explain in another post.
 This is Cookie Dough  who has the same shape as the hen above . One thing that happens as d'uccles age is that their spots get bigger  and there are  more spots covering up the color. Cookie's only downfall is she's slightly light in color and her comb isn't the best. One of the hardest  things condition wise are the Vulture hocks and foot feathers , to keep them in good condition I'd say to use 3 to 6 inches of shavings and keep it stirred up so it doesn't compact  , my breeding pens are 7x8 Feet I use two bags of shavings to  keep my birds foot feathers in good condition, misting birds with a spray bottle in hot weather also helps out.
 This is Crimson. He has a nearly perfect comb,  nice beard, muffs, and feet .His downfalls are a U- shape,  lack of bull neck, and  his tail feathers are to spaced out, one more thing for the Mille Fleur's are you want one solid shade throughout the body, the main description of a good quality d'uccle as far as shape is a small thick looking bantam , with thick neck feathering, thick beard and muffs, a large chest giving them a proud look, vulture hocks feathered legs, straight comb with 5 points, and a tail at about a 80 degree angle that doesen't  show light through the tail feathers, to see the faults of the d'uccle see my post on disqaulifacations  and defects.
This is a close up of a Mille Fleur.                     This is a Black Mottled hen To see more                                                                      on showing this color see my post strictly on this color.

by Bugs.


  1. Great post! They are so pretty. We have a small flock of Millies. I've wanted the self-blue and black mottled for awhile now, but I don't want to build another coop. lol


  2. What's their full name? As I believe I was fortunate enough to purchase my own pair (silverfish and terrance) and yours look identical

    1. The first two pictures are of Porcelain d'Uccles. The last 3 pictures are of Mlle Fleurs, also d'Uccles.

      These chickens are my grandson's and he wrote the post. He shows his chickens too .

  3. My daughter is looking for a nice Porcelain pullet to show in 4-H. Do you ever have any for sale? If so, do you ship?
    Thanks so much! Love the photos and explanations in this post.