Sunday, June 30, 2013

Raising roosters with chicks

 If you're going to raise roosters with chicks you first want to start with a good rooster. This is my rooster Crimsons (above) first time with chicks and is handling it very well and has a good Personality for being raised with chicks , He guards the chicks from dogs me and even my turkey even though the turkey and me aren't trying to harm them, yet he is kind to the chicks and does every thing except keep them warm, if you are going to raise chicks in with your flock I suggest raising only broody hens in the pen as hens that aren't brooding will seriously injure or kill the small chicks.
Above is another photo of Crimson (Left) Cookie Dough (center) and Fluffy( Right) Their are 7 Chicks total 3 Mille Fleur's & 4 Porcelains hatched on June 18th  most of which will be for sale.

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  1. Wow! Millies, too! They're very good looking and I concur about keeping the mothers/chicks separate from the other hens.