Tuesday, February 5, 2013

New Porcelain chicks

 This week I had some new chicks hatch and I thought I would do a short post on them, above is my breeding flock which has 1 Porcelain rooster and 4 Porcelain hens, and when I ordered 5 from a hatchery I got lucky and ended up with 1 rooster and 4 hens.
 Here is Silver Bell the hen that incubated the eggs, and here's two of the four Porcelain chicks, the other two were probably under the hen.
 Here is the 2 chicks learning to eat and drink.
The chicks personality's are a lot like there parents they love eating shredded pieces of grass from my hand , the other thing is they are very friendly and don't run away when I pet or hold them, which the parents also love eating grass from my hand and are all very friendly.

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  1. I miss my hens a lot. We did not replace the flock after the terrible incident with the mink one night in the fall. I still have ducks, though, and on Friday The Great Dane brought me home two beautiful Muscovy girls. I love Muscovies!