Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My Midget White Turkeys ~ As Poults

These are two of my Midget White turkey poults. Where is the other one you ask? ....
...Here! I could not help myself, I posed them in a favorite teacup and enjoyed their antics.

These turkeys ( for that is what a poult is, a baby turkey) are now grown and they have produced young poults we are raising. I enjoy my poultry and every day with chickens, ducks, doves, and turkeys is an amazing day. They produce eggs and meat for our table, and the entertainment they offer can compete with television any day. Often, and I do mean OFTEN, I pull up a lawn chair in front of my poultry pens, and with a cuppa coffee or tea, sit back and enjoy the drama and comedy they offer.You should try it, you'll like it!

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  1. Hi there - I love your blog! I shared one of these photos as well as your blog link on The Suburban Chicken Coop on Facebook. I hope that's okay! If not, let me know and I'll remove the post. Such a great blog - I wish I'd found it sooner!