Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Three Amigos~ Bantam Black Cochins

 The 3 amigos, bantam Cochin roosters who live together in our vegetable garden. When released from their pen in the morning...
 ...they spend the day scratching around the garden for bugs , worms, anything tasty.
 They sometimes jump the garden fence to follow
 the ducks. The ducks know even better places to find food. Under the bird feeders, in the sheep pens.

It is fun to watch the chickens watching the ducks who watch me to see if I am handing out food. In the evening the roosters watch the ducks pen themselves up and receive their nightly grain or bread, then the roosters run to their pen to receive the same. Routine rewarded by treats keeps them safe for the next days' happy wandering around Cedar Pond.( And for my viewing pleasure)


  1. Oh~ I just love cochins... they are such regal little birds!

    1. Paula, I have black Cochins & white Cochins, and some of both varieties are frizzled. I am pleasantly surprised by how vigorous and thrifty these fancy little bantams are.I think your term "reagal" is perfect !