Thursday, December 6, 2012


                     The Chinese Shanghai fowl came to England and America in 1845.  The name of this Asiatic breed was later changed to Cochin.  The earliest were more or less buff in color.  Its striking appearance, due to great size and profuse soft feathering, distinguished it from all other breeds at the early period. Cochins created a sensation in England, resulting in a great boom for the "Cochin   China," as it was called in the days of "Cochin craze."
 In England Cochins  are called Pekins ,  Cochins come in bantam and standard both make excellent pets  there also good for meat and eggs and come in many colors including Buff, Blue, White , Black,   Splash, Lemon Blue, and many more . there are also frizzled Cochins. Cochins are also the second most popular bantam breed after the Old English game. Info above is from the   American Standard of Perfection.

                                      This is my Grandmas flock of Cochin bantams which include Black, Barred, and Red Cochins.                                    
                This is a photo of her frizzled white Cochins.

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  1. They are all beautiful! The barred plumage is so pretty, and the frizzles are so cute they are comical..