Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sultan Chickens

Breed Profile:  Breed: Sultan.  A very old, ornamental race  of poultry, listed in the first American Standard of Excellence in 1874. Sultans came to England in 1854 from Istanbul. They originated in Southeastern Europe, but were bred in Turkey under the name of "Sultan's Fowl" the breed evidently enjoying the favor of Turkish rulers, possibly due to there attractive appearance. They have  for there most distinguishing characteristics the novel features of a full crest, muff, and beard, combined with vulture hocks or feathered hocks and profuse toe and shank feathering, along with five toes on each foot.  Economic Qualities. Bred primarily for exhibition, the Sultan is not classed among production fowls, although the hens are good layers of medium- sized eggs. Sultans come in Standard and bantam sizes and come in White Black and Blue. Above is a drawing I did of a White Sultan rooster.


  1. Do you know it was a Sultan hen that put your Uncle Daniel on the news? In fact, he was on the news from Canada to the whole continent, and we received calls from newspapers and radio stations from all over regarding his demonstration of bathing a chicken at the Puyallup Fair. Poor Uncle Daniel...but the hen survived to lay a few more eggs and enjoy more time on this earth !