Monday, September 10, 2012

New chicken pen!

 This year for my birthday we built a new chicken pen at our new house. This is the front of one side of the pen.
 This is the back view of the pen, in total length its 24 feet long, we got the lumber from my Papa, my Mom and Dad got the metal and front wire, and I bought the inside wire , paint and locks.
 My Porcelain rooster is enjoying the new space.
 My porcelain hen Silver Mist  also enjoys the new new pen.
 All my hens but one are laying in my Mille Fleur pen.
 My laying hens are also laying well in there new pen.
 My flock of Mille Fleur's enjoying there new pen.
 The other three hens in the corner.
 Now that my other chickens are in another pen my trio got to move into the small coop I was using for chicks.
The new pen after it was finished and before it was painted, it is split into three pens for breeding and so the roosters don't fight.


  1. Very nice Bugs! I like how you've got them all split up! Good to keep those roosters apart isn't it!

  2. I love the windows on the back. I was courious about the color choice. How did you decide on the color?

  3. What a great coop!! We have been building new ones too!! Too many roosters! lol

  4. WOW~ Chickie Condo!! I love it!
    And the porcelain roo and hen are so gorgeous.
    Well, they all are... I never met a chicken I didn't think was a movie star! :)

  5. Vickie, Bugs is very serious about his chicken pens and thinks a lot about logistics, practicality, etc. You know all about keeping those roosters apart !

    Alice, Bugs used the paint stored away by the builders of their home so it would match the house. It needs another coat of paint to achieve that.

    Hallie, too many roosters is usually the problem! They cause so much mayhem & flock drama.

    Paula, Bugs & I agree!