Monday, April 29, 2013

Mr. Fancy Pants

 This is Mr. Fancy Pants. He is a Sizzle. That means one of his parents was a Silkie chicken, and the other a Bantam Frizzled White Cochin. He is a sight to behold! As I said in an earlier post, he might be frilly, but he is all rooster.
 This is one of his gals and he watches over her protectively as she scratches and pecks for bugs and worms. He gets very excited if another rooster approaches her.
 Isn't she pretty? I often think these chickens are the poodles of the chicken world.
 Mr. Fancy Pants also has some Silkie girlfriends.
 Here he is with 2 of them.
 The chickens are clucking busybodies too. They love to line up near the sheep water trough to see what's goin' on over ( or under) the fence. The sheep like to gawk at the chickens too.

Boy, when you're feeling down, or need some entertainment, nothing beats watching the antics of a happy flock of chickens, or sheep. Mr. Fancy Pants and his gals make watching my chickens even more fun !


  1. This is wonderful, Kathy! Thanks!! :)

  2. Marlene, you'll have to make sure to see some of the new babies next time you're here.

  3. That is one handsome dude... and he has some very beautiful ladies for girlfriends!

    1. Paula, this rooster loves his hens and also his chicks. He tends and protects the all passionately.

  4. Wow Kathy...These chickens are just amazing to look at. So cute and funny to look at. I love Mr. Fancy Pants. Thank you for making smile today. I also want to thank you for visiting me and for leaving me your sweet and kind words.


  5. Wow, they are beautiful and I imagine, a wonderful sight together x