Monday, April 29, 2013

Chick update

 Spring is here and I've got lots of chicks hatching out and my other baby poultry growing very quickly so I thought I would update on them to, above are my Bronze turkey poults who are already as big as my bantams and are now outside in their own kennel.
 Here is Colonel Blue one of my Porcelain cockerels who is learning to crow but right now sounds like a  toy.
 Here is Glacier my other Porcelain cockerel who hatched out in January.
 Above are my two Mille Fleur's that hatched out last week and are being raised in a brooder on top of my incubator.
 And here are my new D'uccle chicks who are all pure breds.
Here's another photo of them in their nest with there mom Silver mist , most of them were hatched on the 28th of April the others were hatched out today on the 29th, theirs 4 Mille Fleur's and 1 Porcelain.


  1. Wonderful!! The chicks are adorable!

    1. Do you know of anyone who has a porcelain rooster for sale. My son does the local 4h fair and needs a rooster to go with his hen to show this year. Please email me at