Tuesday, March 13, 2012

BREED PROFILE: Welsummer. VARIETY:Brown/red. Welsummer chickens were created in the little dutch village of Welsum, This is how they came to be named Welsummer, only changing to Welsummer when they came to the United states. They were developed there from breeds such as Partridge Wyandotte, Partridge Cochin, Partridge Leghorn, Barnenvelder and RIR. They are highly sought after as a production bird, Laying a good amount of dark red/brown eggs. The eggs are also sometimes speckled in a dark over coloring. BROWN/RED is the standard color of the Welsummer , but it also occurs in silver duck wing gold duck wing in both large fowl and bantam forms. Welsummer cocks have a fair maternal nature and are willing to accept young birds in their flock.

This is my brown/red Welsummer cock named Volcano, below are some photos of his chicks.

This was Penguin my Welsummer Black Australorp cock.

This is Penguins sister Bamboo, Bamboo is the mom of Black Volcano and is a great dark egg layer, Bamboo got her name when my brother went out to the pen with me to get the eggs and started calling her Bamboo.

This is Black Volcano, Bamboo's son and Penguins brother. Black Volcano is now getting a very pretty pattern. The pattern is black feathers with bright red speckles.


  1. I love gathering the eggs my Welsummers lay, they are such a lush dark brown, you almost expect chocolate to come out of the eggs.

  2. I look forward to sharing pictures of my new chickens very soon - I think you'll like them also (not the Black Australorps I thought I'd get) they may just be greatly like the ones featured in this blog!

  3. I love this blog! My chickens are my babies! I have Partridge Cochins and I didn't realize Welsummers came from them.