Monday, February 27, 2012

Sunglow the mille fleur

I thought I would do a post on the mille Fleur chick I hatched out. Right here are his parents named Jackhammer and Stacie.

This is Sun glow and my welsummer Americana cross

This is Sun glow at 3 months old . one day I went out to the pen saw that some dogs had busted in the pen and he had got out I hoped he would come back ,but the next day it snowed and I haven't seen him since , I am still a little sad but I now have 9 mille fleurs that I hope breed and show at the fairs.


  1. Bugs, I am really enjoying the names you give your chickens! Especially Jackhammer! Funny!

  2. I took a second look at our blog and noticed Tater in the background looking intently at your chickens. Too bad we love bird dogs as much as we love our poultry. Bugs, we have a problem here!