Thursday, February 23, 2012

Midget White Turkeys ~ Teacup or Roasting Pan ?

This is one of my Midget White turkey Toms. I think he is handsome, so does he.This picture was taken just after our ice storm and there is a big hole in the roof of the pen caused by a very large fir branch falling point side down onto it. The pen is a bit muddy and the turkeys' feathers are not as clean as they should be.
The day I received my turkeys in the mail they were so tiny that two fit into a teacup. Aren't they cute?
They grew...
...and grew,
until one day they would no longer fit into a teacup.
But really, it is silly to expect any decent turkey to sit in a teacup, isn't it?
I do suspect they'd rather sit in a teacup than a roasting pan though!
To learn more about Midget White Turkeys click here*.

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