Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Marans Cross Chicks~ And What's in A Name ?

 Dark chocolate colored eggs amidst light brown and mint green chicken eggs. Love my Marans !

This little chick is the result of a breeding between my Black Copper Marans rooster and an Americana hen. 
 Both of these chicks are my Marans & Americana cross eggs hatched out in an incubator by my grandchildren. These chicks are definitely hardy, thrifty, and survivors .
 The  granddaughter in charge of incubator monitoring and follow-up care of the chicks named them Albert Cheepers McNugget featherweight Esquire the First & Prudence
 With names like that I dare not slack on caring for them !
 Albert & Prudence. ( Hope one really is a rooster and the other a hen. )

What's in a name ? Well, when your grandchildren hatch out eggs from your own chickens, then name the successfully hatched chicks, the pressure is on to make sure the chicks survive and thrive. So, Albert and Prudence , let's do well !

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