Thursday, June 19, 2014

D'uccle Chick Update

Last time I wrote about the new chicks and some of the different colors that hatched, in this post I will be updating on the chicks growth.  Above is one of my Mille Fleur hens, as far as color she is a little brighter than my past Mille hens and has thicker shape, although her foot feathering isn't as thick as I would like.
Above is the chipmunk patterned chick which still has the stripes on her back and dot on her head, she has also developed a lot of pattern at an early age, below is a close up of the wing patterning.

Now this chick is unique compared to the rest, it has a completely different feather type then the rest, it almost looks like the chick is wet,  the feathers are similar to frizzled but not curly , it will be interesting to see how this chick turns out.
This is one of the Porcelain chicks, the Porcelain chicks from this batch are similar to my other batches but have brighter color and better feather quality.
This is my Self blue Mottled chick, one of two colors to come from my black mottled hen.
And this is my Blue Mottled with red leakage , the difference between the Blue and Self blue Mottled is self Blue is all one color, Blue Mottled is black with splotches of blue and in this case with some red leakage, both colors having white spots.  This rooster is turning out to be pretty nice bird and with genetics from all three of my lines there is a lot of potential for this chick. By Bugs

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  1. I love your chicks...and find the coloring inheritance very interesting!