Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Washington Feather Fanciers Winter Brisk ~2013

 My grandson Bugs & I attended a poultry show this past weekend. I saw it advertised in this months issue of Backyard Poultry and we decided to check out the chickens on display.
 This little rooster won big !

 These Sebastopol geese are beautiful, and I wish I had written down the name of the owner of this pair. ( Not that I'll be buying any more geese Jim. )
 Here are the very breed of chickens my grandson has been wanting for quite awhile. Salmon Faverolles. Bugs wants bantams though and we finally found a breeder of bantam Salmon Faverolles right here at the poultry show ! Above is a hen and below is of course, in all his glory, the rooster.

 Bugs raises this breed, and loves them.

 An African Buff goose. This goose was huge. There were quite a few geese at the show,
 and turkeys too. This is a magnificent Narragansett Turkey.
 "What are you looking at ? "
 We had to wait awhile to view the chickens I especially wanted to see, the Silkies. This is a judge very carefully checking out each fluffy bundle and the young man on the right was writing down her comments.
 Just look at this cute Silkie !
 I must admit, I came home with 3 half-grown Silkie chicks, but I'll show them in another post.

 Now here are some serious curls. I have never seen any birds with such tightly curled feathers. Click on the picture to enlarge and really look at the feathers these pigeons are sporting.

The weather this past Saturday was terrible and to get to the show was a 2 hour round-trip drive. I almost canceled because of this, but Bugs wanted to go. I am glad we did. The Washington Feather Fanciers Winter Brisk ~ 2013 was well worth it and Bugs is thinking about entering some of his own chickens next year !


  1. Thanks for sharing this! Who knew that pigeons could have curly feathers??

  2. Those are my Sebastopol geese - Pips & Peeps