Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ella & Fella ~ My Sebastopol Geese Growing Up

 Ella & Fella, my Sebastopol geese are 4 months old now. I haven't yet introduced them to the big pond, choosing to keep them and my 2 young ducklings, also 4 months old, in the back poultry yard.
 I pen the geese with the ducklings every night to protect them from predators. In the morning I release them and oh what fluttering feathery, splashy joy ! The ducks come out quacking and the geese honking ...
 ...reminding me of frilly ballerinas. After their splashing around and swimming sessions the geese eat grass and sun them selves alongside the ducks. Below are 2 short videos showing the typical morning routine for them. I am loving these geese  ! They still follow me around when I am outside with them and if I sit down they come lay down beside my feet.


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