Monday, March 4, 2013

Porcelain chicks growing quickly

 I though I would do a  post on how fast my new Porcelain chicks are growing .  Above is my porcelain rooster Glacier who is turning out to be a nice show quality bird which is good because I originally hatched out some Porcelains to get a rooster.
 This is Polar my other Porcelain rooster who isn't as nice as Glacier because his comb has one to many points.
 This is Mist flower my Porcelain hen who I might give to my sister as a show  bird.
 And this is China my hen named after China Porcelain dining ware which is how the Porcelain color got its name.  Ive also been studying some of there color genetics and the Porcelain color can be created crossing a Self Blue  and a Mille Fleur this gene is called the lavender gene and turns black to silvery blue and buff or orange to cream which is why they have a cream base color and silver barring with white dots.

This is one of the chicks at two weeks old, right now the chicks are 5 weeks old.
And this is when one of the chicks were just fluff balls and only a few days old.


  1. I keep thinking....maybe I could have a few chickens in my backyard. I live in the city and have very long snowfilled winters. I get inspired when I read your blog. I may figure out a way someday to have chickens

  2. Oh~ they are so pretty! And I love the way the chicks' eyes are different... the hens have "softer"-looking eyes than the roosters. (Sometimes that's the only way I can tell them apart!)

  3. We have chickens! Thanks so much for the sweet comment. . .after reading your profile I know you're a sister in Christ as well. Washington is my dream state. :)
    Look forward to getting to know you better!