Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Early birds.

 Two days ago I had a Porcelain and Mille Fleur chick hatch one day early  and looked a little small and undeveloped here is a picture of them above, Mille Fleur om left ,and Porcelain on right.
 This is my Black Australorp hen sitting on the eggs before they hatched, usually I don't put to many eggs under her because she tends to break them so I only put four under, three hatched and one was bad, and one chick died because she squished it and it hatched to early, the two chicks are now doing fine and are out in the brooder outside.
this is the incubator my grandma let me barrow these eggs are still waiting to hatch ,there are 32 eggs in the incubator right now.


  1. I am relieved to know the chicks are doing O.K. I hope you keep recording their progress and posting it on the blog because this could help others thinking they have failed in incubation, and encourage them.

    Chicks seem so fragile, and for the most part they are, yet they often survive against all odds, like these chicks.

  2. Bugs, I'm impressed you are incubating your own eggs. That's wonderful. I'm sorry about the one that died, but I guess you're going to have some losses in the chicken raising business. I'll be looking forward to seeing all those eggs hatched!