Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Chicks Are Growing, Speculating On Their Variety

This is a white D'uccle which went into the APA Standard of Perfection in 1879.
This is Oreo I don't know what he is yet but I think he's Cuckoo D'uccle

These two are some of my favorites , these are Porcelain and self blue Belgian D'uccles.
These are Mille Fleurs which were one of the first colors.  Michael Van Gelder created the breed between 1890 and1900. They went into the APA Standard of Perfection fourteen years later.Van Gelder created the breed by crossing Belgian d'Anvers with Booted bantams.

These two are a Porcelain D'uccle and a Gold neck D'uccle.
These three here are Black D'uccles.

These are Black D'uccles, Black Cochins and Oreo.
This is a photo of a Porcelain a Mille Fleur a Gold neck aBlack d'uccle a White d'uccle and Oreo.

 Me holding my d'Uccles.

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